Vicky Araico

"Nick Redman is a great photographer. I am very self-conscious when it gets to headshots, but Nick found a fun way to distract me from the task, making me feel comfortable and empowering me to find that spark -that I know I have, but that usually hides when I hear the 'click' button. 

The only bad thing was that by the end of the session, I had at least 50 great headshots! -making it a very difficult choice-. 

I would recommend him to anyone. Definitely will have my headshot done with him again in the future."

Jade Asha

"Not only did i get the most amazing results from Nick, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have worked with a lot of photographers but never before have I learnt so much on a shoot. He breaks every action down so that technically the actor and photographer can get the best shots. I wish I had worked with him years ago! My agent will be pleased."

Soft Lighting - fantastic on skin


I shoot tethered to a laptop, so we can review progress and edit together at the end of the session, to pick an initial shortlist. I do basic post production and upload a private gallery for you, where you can rate and comment the images and pick your selects for final re-touching.

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Headshot & Portrait Photography

A good headshot involves working together to achieve some spark and character in your shot. I'll teach you techniques to look your best, which will be useful every time you're in front of a camera.

I trained with the best in the industry - renowned portrait photographer Peter Hurley, based in New York.

Peter has developed an intensive program dedicated to training headshot photographers and I’m proud to say I’m now an associate of PH2PRO, representing him in London.

PH2 Associates are photographers that Peter personally recommends. Based on strict evaluation of their work, and regular coaching & portfolio reviews. Working towards meeting his exacting standards, before making the grade.

If you're an actor and need a working headshot for casting agents, a professional with corporate requirements, or personal branding for social media (LinkedIn etc). I’d love to hear from you!

I rarely offer a strictly defined time or number of images. Everyone's different, so you'll get the time you need and we can work through a number of looks. If you hate having your picture taken, you're especially welcome!

Any questions? Drop me a line via the contact page, or call on 0208 144 7898 and I'll be happy to help.